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Life: Today was a Good Day

12:25 AM

Day's aren't usually bad or anything, but I rarely have a day where I sit down and go "damn.. today was a good day." Today was one of those days though. :)

Check out that caaaandy! :D I'm such a big kid...
I started it off by sleeping in pretty late. I do that on most days when I don't have work, but I usually regret it later because I've lost time to do.. stuff. Mostly art study or blogging *cough*, but sometimes important things like phone calls and cleaning. Today, though, just as I was waking up, a package arrived. And not just any old package. This was a care package from mom-dukes! And whats the first thing I uncovered?? CANDY! It's like early halloween up in here..!

And that wasn't even the best thing in the box.

I still cry when I watch Bambi D=
The biggest thing pictured is the best thing about this package, but the items are important too ;). They definitely bring the care to mind in care package.

But do you see the amount of Disney stuff she put in there?? The only thing I asked for were the two Blu-rays (because they're limited edition and aren't sold anymore after a certain period D=), but I got some Tinkerbell band-aids and vitamins gummies with the deal. Now I can be healthy while enjoying studying animation blu-rays. Classic ones at that. THANKS MUM♥

The care package put me in a good mood, so Shota and I double-teamed some chores in the house, had lunch and I even finished two new demos I downloaded on my ps3 (Catherine by Atlus, which was AMAZING, and Faery, which is just feeding my fantasy needs right now). I now have another game on my list of things to buy when I visit the states in November ;D.

Then I finally mustered the energy to ride out to the department store to hunt down a magazine for one of my best friends back home. I was feeling kind of lazy so I did this nice grungy look with my Star Wars backpack. I love that backpack..! It wasn't too hot out today either, so I didn't sweat myself to death either. Nice :D

Pictured here: Good sunset :D
After picking up my friend's book, we went to the stationary section where I found some nice stickers to go on the wedding gifts. And also reminded myself that I needed to get started on putting those together :o.

While we were in the bookstore, we heard there was a rooftop buffet going on, so we headed to the roof to check it out.

It was my first time on the Kintetsu Depatment store's roof and it was pretty nice, though very small. We went as the sun was starting to set so I was able to feed my sunset addiction by snapping more photos. I do love a good sunset :)

When we got back home, we still had a little time before we wanted to eat, so we broke out Dynasty Warrior 6..! Shota kept dying with his character Zhang Fei, though we did manage to beat Lu Bu on hard mode once, so we he switched up to Zhao Yu, and really started kicking ass.

And we killed Lu Bu on master mode!! Do you know how long I've been running in fear from him!? It was so easy tooooo. Wanna know the secret..?? Gotta attack him while you're on your horse. Now you too can go and whup his arse~!!

And now, I'm getting back to some study and then getting ready for work..! Damn, it really was a good day. I don't get these so often, so I really wanted to share. Hopefully everyone else has some good days coming up too..!♥

The song I got the title from ;)

P.S.: I have another restaurant to put up, I just forgot about it until I saw the photo today. Oops! D: It's a really good Mexican place too...

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