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This just going to be a quick post about the Osaka Girl's Free Market being held in Osaka next weekend, October 9th!! You can check out the Japanese website here, and I'll put up some information in English in this post.

What is Girl's Free Market??
It's an open market, for women (and they babies ;D) only, being held in various locations throughout Japan and run by the DECOLOG company, which is a popular mobile blogging site in Japan. They company also has a small TV segment and a magazine (I don't know if it's monthly, or a quarterly thing though), so they're pretty well known.

Who's selling things???
Well, the purpose of a free market is for normal people, like you and me :D, to put up a tablet and sell some clothing, accessories, pretty much anything goes..! Booths are put up by bloggers from the site, so in the Q.A. they tout it as a great opportunity to meet your favorite bloggers. From what I've seen on the site, a lot of the popular bloggers are also shop staff, so if they do have a booth, they should at least be selling some nice stuff :D

Where can I find this thing?!
Osaka's free market is being held at the Kyocera Dome Osaka Arena in downtown Osaka. It's easily accessible by:
the subway: the Nagahori Turumi-ryokuchi Line - Dome-mae Chiyozaki Station or Chuo Line - Kujo Station,
the JR trains, Osaka Loop Line Taisho Station
the Hanshin trains, Namba Line Dome-mae Station.

Tickets? Or can anyone go?
Unfortunately, or at least I think it is, you do have to buy tickets in advance. They can be purchased at any convenience store, and the cost is 500 yen for one ticket. If you buy 3 tickets though, it's only 1200 yen..! If it were free though, I'd be more tempted to go D=!

So there aren't any brand store booths there??
As far as I can tell, no =/. It's all user-generated (does that phrase apply outside of the internet???) goods. Second-hand from what I've read, but I've been to a lot of Japanese second-hand shops, and their second hand is usually pretty good. Damn near perfect most of the time *jelly*.

So who IS selling stuff??
You can check out the list of the booths at the free market here. They've also encourage the people running booths to upload photos of their booth to the site, so you might be able to find some photos of what's being sold too..!

Gimme some straight up logistics!!!11
Date: October 9th, 2011, Sunday
Time: 11am - 5pm
Expected # of booths: 630
Expected number of participants: 12000
Price: 1 person 500 yen / 3 people 1200 yen (300 yen discount)

But why should I go??
Apparently, models from the magazine S Cawaii will be present at the Osaka and Tokyo events. For Osaka, they will be running a booth, hosting a talk and doing snaps of the event. So if you're looking for some photo opportunities, this sounds as a good a chance as any. (No models for the events in Fukuoka and Nagoya have been announced tho D': )

I wish I had some kind of photo or something to share, but there's nothing for me to link to except for the DECOLOG site, which is pretty colorful.

If you're looking for some second-hand goods, check it out!! It also sounds like a nice way to spend a cool autumn afternoon. I will probably be cleaning my apartment and waiting for my Halloween costume (equally as exciting in my book!).

Oh, and watching Ugly Betty Season 2. That show is so goooood! Everyone who agrees, raise you glasses (the ones that go on your face) in her honor. :D Also, I love Gio!!♥


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