Tanabata Festival @ Shitennouji Temple★

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Shitennouji (temple) located in Tennouji-ku, Osaka, is holding it's annual Tanabata Festival! Let's check it out!★

Shitennouji was Japan's first and oldest Buddhist temple. It's long history can be found on Wikipedia and it is easily accessible by JR trains or subway.

This temple is pretty big, with a a few ponds and many small pavilions for praying, so it should be quite a sight all lit up for Tanabata Festival (if you're not sure what Tanabata Festival is, check out this Wiki article too!)( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Access Information:
Shitennouji is easily accessible by JR, Kintestu and subway trains. If going by subway, take the Tanimachi Line* or Midosuji Line* to Tennoji Station. You can also exit at Shitennoji Mae Yuuhigaoka Station on the Tanimachi Line. On the JR trains, the station is also Tennoji, but on Kintetsu, you have to get off at Osaka Abenobashi Station.
*NOTE: The colors also represent the color of the train lines i.e. Midosuji is the red line and Tanimachi is the purple line. In some cases, lines also come in light greens and dark greens, so I will try to denote them when possible. JR trains and Kintetsu trains are NOT color coded.

From Tennoji Station or Abenobashi Station, head out to Tanimachi-suji  (when exiting from the JR Station, it'll be the big street right in front of the station. You can also exit from the JR Station when using the subway. Kintetsu's station is located on the same side of the street as the JR Station, just a block or so south). Heading north on Tanimachi-suji but on the same side as the station (that means when facing north, you're on the right side of the street), you'll cross Kokudou Number 25 (Route 25) and the temple will be to your right. It's pretty hard to miss because I don't remember there being any buildings blocking the temple gate at the entrance.

Tanabata no Yuube in Shitennouji
The name of the event in Tanabata no Yuube in Shitennouji which roughly translates to 'Evening Star Festival in Shitennouji.' It's going on for three nights, from July 7th to July 10th, and I do believe they will have different events for each night. I didn't want to rip photos from the temple's site (that just seemed kind of wrong(;´Д`)), so here's a link to Wagamachi no Ooee's site with information. There's also a post about it on Osaka's Tourism website, but it's only in Japanese. Here's a rough translation of the post from Osaka's tourism website:

「期間中は、七夕にちなんで四天王寺境内に300本以上の笹で組まれた笹トンネルやLEDの光で輝く天の川が登場します。願いを込めた短冊を飾った笹のトン ネルをくくれば星に願いが届くかも。また、七夕縁日が立ち並び、七夕復興祈念コンサートや天体観望会などのイベントが開催されます。10日には願いを込め て書かれた短冊が四天王寺境内にてお焚き上げされます。」

"During Tanabata in Shitennouji (temple) there will be over 300 stalks of bamboo linked together as a tunnel, and with shining LED lights creating the Milky Way, on display. If you decorate tanzaku (Japanese paper) with wishes and tie them to the tunnel of bamboo, your wishes may be sent to the stars. Also, during the Tanabata festival, there will be a reenactment of a Tanabata Prayer Concert, star gazing and other events taking place. On the 10th, wishes written on tanzaku will be burned in Shitennouji."

For more information and some lovely photos please visit the Wagamachi no Ooee website here and here and the Osaka Tourist Guide website. (Also, excuse my shoddy translating skillzzヽ(°▽、°)ノ I took a lot of liberties)

I know this is terribly short notice, but tanabata is one of the more widely known festivals in Japan, so I thought I'd share some info for anyone visiting the kansai area during that time!


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