Osaka@ Night - Psychedelic Bar GANJA

11:49 PM

Psychedelic Bar/CLLIUVBE Room

Access Info:
Osaka City, Uchuu Oooku Nishi Shinsai-chedelic-bashi 2-9-5(Chuo-ku, Nishi Shinsaikebashi)
Nippou Mitsudera kaikan 3F

Did I mention that these guys are funny, funny dudes?? I loove how their flyer says they're located in space (apparently some great Japanese harem in space since they use oooku) and how they squeezed psychedelic into Shinsaibashi. Can you tell I'm a fan??
Anyway, if you do get a hold of the flyer, don't worry, they have a map and the real address is on their homepage.They've also recently started a twitter, and the owner seemed really excited about it, so follow if you like..!
Location wise, they're one street west of Midosuji. If you've walked up to Triangle Park in Amemura or the Apple Store, you've gone to far. It'll be two streets south of the Apple Store, adjacent to a temple.
They have a huge sign on the building it's located inside of, so it shouldn't be too hard to find. Once you get to the third floor however, you're gonna walk up a small flight of stairs and bare to the left. Going to the right will take you to a girls bar, and they didn't seem all that hospitable when we peeked in(´_`。). Once you venture down the hall a couple feet, you'll find a bar with a iron-wrought handle, and that's it..! Step into the zone~

Really, it's a pretty normal shot bar. There's only red lights, so it may take a moment for your eyes to adjust. But after that, just take a seat and order a drink..! The two tenders (pictured) were really friendly but there is a sitting fee of 300 yen that you have to pay along with what you drink. 

The bar is pretty small. I think after about 10 or so people, it probably feels too crowded, but from what I read from the website and Mixi page, it's a popular spot for bands, indie and signed alike. The owner seems like he promotes a lot of local live events too, so we got of info on locals fests and shows going on (I plan on sharing those tomorrow( ´ ▽ ` )ノ).

I don't know what the Acid part is about though. In katakana, it says クライヴェントルーム, which is a kura(?) event room? Maybe it's supposed to be a like a club spot? If I find out they have any events going on there, I'll definitely try checking it out.

Overall, it's a pretty small bar, but I completely dug the atmosphere and people gathered so I plan on going again. And again. And again.. I think it's worth a bit of time during your grand evening in Osaka(●´-`●)


Psychedelic Bar GANJA on the web:
Mixi Community

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