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Local Music - Sapporo x Kansai One Night Special Sapporo High School Rockers

2:19 AM

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THURS. July 28th
@Club DROP

Access Info:
大阪市中央区西心斎橋2-18-9 itビルB1F
Osaka City, Chuo-ku, Nishi Shinsaibashi 2-18-9 it BLDG. B1F

Club DROP is really easy to get to (from the map I saw, never been there). It's right across from Sankaku-koen (Triangle Park) and one shop down from AMPM (convenience store). Your nearest train station will probably be Shinsaibashi Station from the Midosuji Line or Yotsubashi Line. The exit on the Yotsubashi Line is much closer that the Midosuji one (which lets you out near Daimaru and Namba), so I recommend exiting from there. Exit from #5, walk south to the stop light on Yotsubashi street, then turn left. Keep walking until you get to Sankaku-koen (looks like a triangle, lots of people loitering), then turn right. You'll see an AMPM, and Club DROP will next to it. I'm not sure about signage though, so keep a sharp eye out( ´ ▽ ` )

Event Info:
It's a showcase of high school bands from Sapporo and Kansai, if you couldn't guess from the title~(´ー`~). The two bands from Sapporo (Bakudan Johnny and Drop's) are also releasing their debut albums, so I'm assuming they'll be available at the event. My friends and I got lots of free time these days, so we'll be heading out there this Thursday. The two Sapporo bands will be traveling to several other spots including Tokyo and Fukushima, so if you're out there, try going out and supporting these kids(;´▽`)y
The three bands from kansai are Mrs. Halloween/二クラフィルム/アイボリック.
The entrance fee is 1500¥ in advance and 2000¥ at the door plus a 500¥ drink.
I'm not sure if I'll be snapping a lot of photos, but I'll update this post with them if I do(●´-`●)

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