Sweets Sweets in Shinsaibashi OPA

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A shop in OPA called HANJIRO. They sell used clothes at a mostly inflated price.
Greetings all! And a warm welcome to the new readers! Hope you enjoy it, find something useful, or perhaps just fancy the photos. I'll take anythingヽ(°▽、°)ノ.

Today will be a short post about a pretty awesome buffet I went to this past Sunday. It's located in on the 9th floor of Shinsaibashi OPA which is an eleven-floor shopping building (? I still don't know what to call these places.. they're not department stores.. or malls.. shopping center..?? That don't seem right either...) that mostly caters to young women. There's a floor or two for menswear, but now I know, that's not what those little groups of guys were running around this building for. They were definitely going after this sweets buffet. Because it's the bomb(゜д゜)ウマー

 Access Information:
The closest stop is probably off of the Osaka subway system. All the JR, Kintetsu and Hanshin rails are about a 15 to 20 minute walk up Midosuji Street. On a weekday, that's probably not so bad, but on weekends and holidays, the sidewalks can be a bit crowded. 
From the Osaka subway system, exit at Shinsaibashi Station from either the Midosuji Line or Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line. From exit number 7, you should see a huge sign for OPA on your right that will take you into one of the basement levels of OPA.
To get to Sweets Sweets, it's probably fastest to hop on an elevator and take it to the 9th floor. It'll be on the side of the building facing Daimaru.

Sweets Sweets 
Sweets Sweets is a dessert buffet that also serves some light food in addition to the dessert (which is nice because most dessert buffets don't, or they're just regular buffets with sweets). The nice thing about Sweets Sweets is that it's only 1480 yen! Although, the last dessert buffet I went to was 1380 yen, it only offered five or six types of cakes, one drink and you HAD to eat all of whatever you picked up or they would charge you extra. How lame is that(´_`。).

You have to pay when you go in, but after that, you have 90 minutes to eat as much as you like. They have full-size cakes, mini-cakes, cake rolls, pudding, fruit, real cream, and ice cream (with toppings). There's a drink bar as well, included in the buffet price, that has coffee, latte, capuccino, tea, sodas and water. The food selection I though was pretty nice for not being the main point of the shop. They offered curry, rice, spaghetti pasta, pasta salad, and salad. 

Also! They had some things that I've never seen at any buffets. For one, a fondue fountain! I didn't get to try because it completely slipped my mind while I was there, but I'm definitely diving into that when I go back (and I AM going back(=^ω゚)ノ). They also had a nice bread selection that I missed out on since I stuffed myself with cake. OH! And you can make your own crepe. But crepes look so hard to make, I don't think I would have tried even though it was free(´;ω;`)ウッ…

 The seats are plentiful, but I imagine the queue can get out of hand in the afternoons (They have a tea time special, but I forgot what it was keke). There's still lots of space to walk around with sweets on your plate without worrying about spilling it on someone. Also, unlike another dessert buffet I went to (I'm eyeing you Fujiya), you are NOT required to eat everything on your plate with the threat of having to pay if you don't, but they do have a little notice asking you not to waste food. And I don't even know how you could waste the food, it was really delicious! Some of the best cakes I've had in Japan (but I don't know if that's the price or my taste buds talking..), and they had dish that resembled brownies!! I really want a brownie nowヽ(;´Д`)ノ. I should not blog on an empty stomach...

A view from the large window that covers one wall. The lights on the opposite side are from Daimaru. Nice place to daydream about shopping in Daimaru(;´Д`)ハァハァ.
 Not only is this place cheap and delicious, it's still romantic! (Check out that classy view!) It's on one of the top floors of a great shopping building so after forcing your current significant other through a myriad of fittings and short-term investments, why not treat their wallet and stomach to a small reprieve. Or maybe you're an independent woman so you spend your own money, this place still works too☆~(^д゜).

Hope you enjoyed this small post. I haven't been out so much since I'm saving money for the wedding in November. There's really no fun in saving money, but I guess I'll just try to find free things to do! Is that hard to do here..? I'm thinking so...( ・∀・) Ah well! A Kansai-ben post should be around soon, AND I'll be checking out a bar this Saturday so hopefully I will have that to write about next week!(●´-`●)


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