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★Summer Fun★ Akame 48 Waterfalls

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Hello all! How is summer so far?? Mother nature has kicked it into high gear here, and now we're down to sittin' butt-naked and sweating in our homes. But I do prefer that to freezing in my home(;^▽^)

So today, I've a prepared a post about fun things to do in Japan during summer as a submission to Loco in Yokohama's Natsu no Tanoshimi (Hot Fun in the Summertime 2011), but also because I meant to share this before but didn't get to it(´_`。) So proactive~

So without much more rabble: Akame's 48 Waterfalls 赤目四十八滝

Access Information:
It's kind of out in the cut, meaning courtyside of kansai (Mie Prefecture, which is technically part of Chuubu, but ask anyone in that part and they'll probably say it's kansai). 
The train stop is Akame Station on the Kintetsu Railway's Osaka Line but if you're coming from Nagoya, you can also use Nabari Station and take a 20 minute taxi ride from there. If you're coming from any of the big cities down here (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, or Nagoya), it's at least an 1 hour plus by train (Sub-rapid Express from Osaka's Uehonmachi Station can get you there in 1 hour and 5 minutes, anything less and your ride will jump up to 1 hour and 30 minutes plus). But there's lodging right next to the park, so you can make a nice overnight trip out of it( ´ ▽ ` )ノ.
From Akame Station, you do have to take a bus, and they seem to run at about 1 hour apart (even though there's a 2 hour break from 11am to 1pm). It's probably safer to check the website's bus charts and plan your trip accordingly. Don't want to be stuck waiting at the Station for two hours(;´Д). 
Bus fare (from Akame Stn. to Akame Park): 340yen for adults and 170 for children

Akame 48 Waterfalls 赤目四十八滝 
Entrance fee: 300 yen for adults, 150 yen for kids
You can't see me.
  Akame is located in Mie Prefecture, near the cities Nabari and Iga (Ueno). This area is known (or so Shota says) for being the birthplace and training area of ninja. Hence the photo op above I suppose(=^ω゚)ノ. It is well known that ninja came to Akame's waterfalls for training. So well known that the park offers a Ninja Experience that you can enjoy for just just 1700 yen (2800 yen if you want lunch) and includes dressing up and some training. You can check out their Ninja website for more information, but it's only available in Japanese. The staff also have a cute ninja blog.I haven't tried the Ninja Experience (I didn't know about it the two times I went), but I'll definitely try it next time I go. You can reserve it an hour before you arrive, but there have to be at least 2 people.

And of course, the map! They do have English pamphlets but from what I remember, they're pretty limited. There's a lot of history and stories for the different waterfalls, but all that good stuff in only available in Japanese.

Another thing you'll see throughout the trail are small shrines for various deities. If you have an extra yen or two, leave one and maybe they'll toss some luck your way(●´-`●)

 I'm sure you're wondering what makes it such a great place to go in Summer?

Did I mention there are 48 waterfalls?

Akame is also located up in the mountains, where it is much cooler. There's always a gracious breeze to help diffuse some of that summer funk. AND you can get close enough to the falls to get a little spray on you.

There's only one path that goes to all 48 waterfalls (it takes about 3 hours round-trip maybe? I've never finished the whole trail, but I read that somewhereヽ(°▽、°)ノ) but sometimes it meanders off into little nooks for small detours. for photographers, these little paths often offer more photo opportunities. Everytime I've been, I always see a couple photographers.

Check out that peace and quiet. I feel cooler just looking at these pictures(●´-`●)

The waterfalls can range from small 2 foot falls, to large drops. Also, most of the trail is wood floor and rocks. No pavement here so ladies, please don't come here in heels (I've seen them do it though!!(・A・)). It is a little slippery at times too, so if you don't have hiking shoes, bring something with a nice tread so you don't tumble off one of the rocky inclines into the wilderness.

You are allowed to get as close as you'd like to the water. There are no bars or rails (unless they think you'll fall) to keep you out, and I think that's what's really nice about Akame. It really does feel like you're out in the wilderness, following some old trail into some secret ninja hideout. But that might just be me and too much Tenchu(´_`。).

 Here's a small pool about 20 minutes into the trail. A lot of people stop here for a drink or bite to eat (there's a small restaurant to the left), or to dip their toes in the water. Sooo refreshing..!(´∀`)

 A collage I made of some of my favorite shots from Akame. I've only been twice, but I already have over 100 photos. But I'm a big tree hugger deep down inside(;’A ’). Sometimes I feel like I stay in the forests for the rest of my days... if my Android and Zune had batteries that lasted forever(●´-`●).

Can't you picture a Ninja meditating right next to this pool???
 I hope you enjoyed this post and perhaps you've found a nice way to spend a muggy summer day in Japan. I think it's one of those places that are off most tourists' radars, so it's rarely ever crowded, and pretty inexpensive. Why not try this small, secret part of Kansai?? I'll be posting some more (unedited) photos on the We ♥ Kansai TUMBLR, so check it out if you like!


Loco in Yokohama's Hot Fun in the Summer 2 is now available for your reading pleasure! Check out the excellent selection of posts, maybe you'll find a great way to spend your summer in Japan.~(´ー`~)

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