Osaka@ Night - Kama Sutra

1:25 AM

Kama Sutra
Karaoke/shot bar

Access Info:
Kama Sutra
大阪市中央区東心斎橋2-1-13 大阪屋ジャンボビル5F #5
Osaka City, Chuo-ku, East Shinsaibashi 2-1-13 Osaka-ya Jumbo Bldg. 5F #5
English/Japanese: OK 
Closest Station: Shinsaibashi Station on the Midosuji Line/Nagahori Turumi-ryokuchi Line.
I would suggest leaving near exit 4a-8. After exciting the gates, if you follow the ramp off to the left (next to the entrance to Daimaru I believe), it'll take you up some stairs that come out right in the shopping arcade. Follow the arcade back south, cross two streets (the second street will have a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop), then turn left (heading east) on Hachiman-suji. You'll cross four streets, and on the block before Sakai-suji, Kama Sutra will be in a nondescript building to your left on the 5th floor, directly across from a nail salon/school. You'll definitely miss if you aren't keen because there aren't any signs, so be careful!

I m p r e s s i o n s
I have to admit that my initial impression when I came in was something like "damn this place is small.." but that must be the American in me, expecting everything to be huuuge. Everything doesn't need to be huge. In fact, by the time I left, I actually quite liked the size and all the people I had spent about 6 hours with.

Yes, we stayed all night. ;D

The people on staff were all really pleasant throughout the night, and it was very easy to fall into light conversations while karaoke-ing and drinking. The karaoke is free but on a slightly dated UGA karaoke system (yeaa.. I'm somewhat of a karaoke geek..), but the collection appears to be updated often since they had Lady Gaga's Judas. Be warned though, the karaoke game they have active is point-based, with higher points revealing nude idol photos. It usually only seems to get as far as the boobs, but it's fun to play along with everyone. =]

They don't make any food in the bar, but have a few demae (delivery) menus that you can pick through, all at nice prices. They don't have a drink menu either, but if you're a bar vet, you know what you like anyway, so who needs a menu?? Anyway, I'm sure the bartenders are happy to make whatever fits your fancy. I ordered a Long Island, Irish Coffee, and CranVodka, all delicious and potent. Most drinks seems to run an average of 600-700 yen, but they time sales like 4 shots from 1000 yen.

We got there pretty early in the evening, so it was empty, but people started dropping in not long afterwards. A lot of regulars it would seem, since the tender greeted most of the patrons by first-names. My personal favorite was Mr. Tanaka. A 65-year-old business man, who has a thing for karaoke and  women. He was kind enough to toss one of my friend's a 'you are bootylicious' comment after we sang Destiny's Child's Bootylicious. Good times :)

We didn't intend to stay the entire night, but we did and we had a lot of fun. The next time we go, we probably won't be there all night, but we'll definitely be stopping by for a drink or two. Check it out if you have the chance! Karaoke and drinking always go well together!


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