Kansai-ben Update #4

12:39 AM

Good Evening!
Hope life is treating everyone well. I'm just mucking along, but noticed that I hadn't updated kansai-ben in a minute. And it's not that I don't want to, but I've exhausted all the obvious things about kansai-ben. Well, obvious to me. Now I have to start listening carefully so I can pick up on nuances. And I think that's what this post is made up mostly, words that are used so often, they just slip by you unnoticed. And Shota has no idea how to speak anything but kansai-ben, so he's no help at all. Everything is normal Japanese to himヽ(=´Д`=)ノ.

 あんな・あのな Anna/Anona - kansai-ben for Eto えと and Ano あの , any of those place holder sounds/words. You'll here those words often used in conversation because it's seen as polite to give a little pause while speaking (unlike English, which your speech professor will tear you down for itヽ(;´Д`)ノ). My babies often use it when they're talking because they usually have no idea what they're talking about. It just becomes a combo set of Anona anona, hondena anona, which basically translates to "Well umm, and then, umm." Luckily they're cuties. Don't think that'll work well in adult conversation though. Here's some ways you can use it that won't leave you sounding like a blabbering 4 year oldヽ(°▽、°)ノ.

Usage Examples:
A: Say, is it alright for me to borrow this? 「あのなこれかりてもいい?」
B: Sure 「ええよ。」
note: ええ is a more masculine way of saying いい (either of which is used in kansai-ben).

A: Hey, did you finish reading that book? 「な、あのほんもうよんだ?」
B: Well.. I haven't read it yet... 「あんな、まだよんでへんわ。」

 ほんで Honde - kansai-ben for そして/それで (soshite/sorede).
This conjunction means and, and then, and now for soshite and thereupon and because of that for sorede. 

Usage Examples:
A: What happened? 「どうしたん??」
B: Well, we were going out for lunch and then suddenly there was an explosion! 「あのな、どこかにたべにいくつもりあった、ほんできゅうにばくはつあった!」

Tomorrow, I'm buying cabbage, and then I'll make okonomiyaki.

なんぼ・なんぼう Nanbo/Nanbou - kansai-ben for いくら (ikura).
Ikura means how much or what size when discussing clothing. Super easy!(;´▽`)y-~~

Usage Examples:
How much is this computer?

What's this shirt's largest size?

As per usual, if you find any issues with my explanations/Japanese/reasoning, just drop me a line in the comment box or by e-mail!(●´-`●) Take care!

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