Kansai-ben Update #2

2:23 AM

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good week!
I've just been shuffling to and from work, now dreading the coming typhoon. So far, some parts of Okinawa, Shikoku, Chuugoku, and Kansai have experienced some heavy flooding, so I'm a little worried for those people.(´A`)

But I'm not here to bring you down. I'm just offering another update on Kansai-ben (●´-`●).

Now these particular phrases I want to explain took a bit of time to get down. Even now, I don't use them so often, it's hard for me to really get them in my rhythm of daily conversation.

やんか/やんけ Yanka/Yanke - Kansai-ben for じゃないか (Jya nai ka)
This is a phrase you might now hear often, but it does pop up every now and again, so might as well committ is to memory. The former would be the female while the latter would be a more masculine form, though I've been caught using both. Oops~~(;’A ’)

Usage Examples:
A: "Isn't is normal?" 「ふつうやんか?」 (Futuu yanka?)
B: "It's normal." 「ふつうやん 。」 (Futuu yan)

I'm still feeling unsure about that one though, so I'm going to double-check on Friday ヽ(´▽`)ノ.

 やろ Yaro - Kansai ben for でしょう (deshou)
This phrase is often used as せやろ (seyaro) which is equivalent to "I told you so." But on it's own, it has a few different meanings. For example: I guess, I think, don't you think, I wonder, seems to be.

Usage Example:
"I told you, didn't I??" 「言ったやろ?」 (itta (pronounced yutta) yaro)
"Are you stupid??" or "I guess you're stupid" 「おまえあほやろ」 (omae aho yaro)
"It's alright to change I guess.."「かえていいやろ」 (kaete ii yaro)

しゃあない Shaanai - Kansai-ben for しかたがない (shikataganai)
I think this word is used fairly often in kansai and it's equivalent to the phrase "it cannot be helped" or "there's no helping it." A direct translation would be "there is no way."

Usage Examples:
A: "But I didn't eat any." 「でもなおれはたべなかったやん」 (demo na ore wa tabenakatta yan)
B "Well, it can't be helped." 「しゃあないなぁ」 (shaanai naa)

I got a couple others, but I'll save that for another post (don't want to get too wordy). Let me know if you have any trouble with my explanations. I've never tried to teach anyone before (well, 'cept for little babes~(´ー`~)) so I'd like to know if there are any issues.

Also, we're heading out to Cosmosquare to deal with the Immigration office(´Д`;). Not looking forward to that, but I'm hoping to check out Cosmosquare and write up something interesting about it~


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